My only fear

Is that you will lose interest in me

Anonymous said: hey there cutie, i like your new haircut(:

oh yeah? and how do you know what I look like?

How are things without me?

I suppose I will need this space one day in the future. 

But for now I am fine.

"Today I saw a girl across the room. She caught my eye because she looked just like you. And for a moment I wished it would be you. But I fear that we will never be close. But it was nice for the moment to daydream about what it would be like if it were you. If I were to walk up and say hello, give you a perfect hug and explain to you all of the wonderful things I love about you. But it is only a a day dream of a girl that I wish were you. But it made me happy for a moment. I hope you are too."

Anonymous said: How do you know she's breaking lent to look at your tumblr

Because she told me last time. And I know she has less self control than she thinks. And I know that she secretly misses me when she knows she can’t have my attention. And I know that YOU are 95% probably her. p.s. you ask questions of me exactly like she does…you should get off tumblr and stop breaking your lent. If you really want my attention you know how to find me.

Funny how things work out

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#105 Redondo (12-18-12) Andrew Taul


#105 Redondo (12-18-12) Andrew Taul

Now im just a ghost in your life..but still teaching you.

You’lle push everyone away until there’s no one left to call